Cabaret Fellows Application

PLEASE NOTE: the materials below reflect the 2017 application process and are for reference purposes only.  Applications for the 2018 conference will be available in the spring of 2018.


Following are the steps required for applying to the 2017 Cabaret & Performance Conference Fellows Program. (If you are under age 18 and interested in the Cabaret Junior Fellows Program, please return to the submission info page for information and to schedule and audition).

Please prepare your demo video, complete the form below "Step 2", and continue until you are prompted to hit "submit".

If you have any questions, please call 860.443.5378 ext 227, or email us.



Step One

Prepare a Demo Video of two (2) contrasting audition songs.

Step Two

Thank you for applying! We will confirm your application within one week. Please be patient while we ensure all parts of your application are proper and complete. It does take a bit of time, but we will be in touch soon!