Jim Henson Foundation Puppetry Residency

National Puppetry ConferenceHeld at the O'Neill's Waterford campus, the residency expands and broadens the work of the National Puppetry Conference and offers space and support to a deserving artist/company towards the completion of a new work of puppet theater. Interested puppeteers and puppetry companies are invited to submit Letters of Intent.

Residencies may be between 2-4 weeks, can support up to 10-12 project participants, and covers full room and board. Dramaturgical support for the project will be provided by the O'Neill's literary office, a unique feature of the residency that is comparable to the support offered to plays developed at the O'Neill's National Playwrights Conference.  The residency can take place during the winter, spring, or fall months, with space available beginning in January 2017.

The residency is intended to be the last phase of work on a production before its ultimate premiere within 1 year of the residency.  At this time the focus of the residency is work for adults.

Applications for international collaborations are accepted, but the primary artist must be American.  Projects that will only take place outside of the United States are not eligible.

A grant of $5,000 will also be awarded to the artists by the Jim Henson Foundation to help cover expenses.

Those interested in applying must submit the following for review in the Letter of Intent stage:

• a one-page Project Description
• a one-page artist(s) description and/or company bio
• a one-page visual

All pages must be 8.5" x 11", one-sided. Proposals need to include a clear plot outline and dramatic arc of the piece. In addition what kinds of puppets will be used and how they are integral to the work. The one-page visual can be a photograph, illustration, or combination of images that are directly relevant to the puppetry proposed in the project. If your visual has notes or captions, please be sure to include them on the same side as the imagery. 

> For questions, please email info@hensonfoundation.org

**Letters of intent and materials must be received by July 11 for consideration.  Please mail to the following address:

The Jim Henson Foundation
attn: Puppetry Residency
37-18 Northern Boulevard, Suite 400
Long Island City, NY 11101

Approximately 5 proposals will be chosen to submit full applications, with final selection being made in September. The proposals will be reviewed by a five-person panel composed of Jim Henson Foundation and O'Neill representatives.